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Sweitzer Electric Inc. trenching & excavation Services

Whether you are a business looking to excavate for a large-scale construction project or a residential property owner who wants to build an addition or a pool, Sweitzer Electric Inc. will support your excavation to prevent unforeseen hazards and risk. Additionally, our seasoned electrical trenching team can install site lighting and electrical feeds to keep your machinery running and initiative moving forward.

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Electrical excavation for Grand Bend and the surrounding area

When you are engaging in a residential or commercial excavation project you will frequently be working around or installing new underground utility lines. Our licensed electricians have several decades of experience managing sites and relationships with utility companies. We can take the guesswork out of your excavation by consulting with the appropriate vendors to ensure you are operating within the safest-possible working conditions.

Safety best practices demand you have a competent person onsite to ensure the excavation area is properly marked and that all workers involved are aware of what those markings indicate. By partnering with an electrical team you can trust, you will get to proceed with full peace of mind regarding the health and safety of all those participating in and/or working around your trench.

A trusted electrical team for all your trenching & excavation needs

Sweitzer Electric Inc. has the equipment and expertise to skillfully manage your excavation and electrical installation. Using state-of-the-art equipment and a discerning eye towards safety and strategic planning, we can excavate your jobsite and install underground low and high voltage systems. We can also prep the area with light bases and utility vault installations that will satisfy all future power requirements for your build.

Throughout the entire trenching process and as the project is nearing completion, we can conduct ongoing audits of your site to ensure everything is in strict alignment with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Part of these audits will include attaining any permits required in accordance with the Electrical Licensing Regulations. This will prevent any future delays, workbacks or potentially costly fines.

Keeping you and your wallet safe with professional exaction services

When handled properly, excavation can be a seamless process that sets the rest of your build up for success. Adhering to regional regulations not only keeps your people and projects safe, but it helps you avoid significant financial consequences. The know-how to do the job correctly can also protect the integrity of your property and the aesthetic appeal of your home.

In addition to being well-versed in all relevant by-laws and electrical safety best practices, our seasoned Ontario electricians are used to working in inclement weather and adapting to compensate for soil quality and variations in climate. We are a no-excuses electrical company who operates with transparency and competency at the forefront of all we do. If you are planning a construction or renovation project that requires trenching, contact Sweitzer Electric today and let’s get to the bottom of how we can support your dig.

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